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QuickGlow Spray-Tanning

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Best Spray Tan Studio in New Jersey


Proudly listed as “Best Spray Tan Studio”
in Morris and Essex county since 2013!!!

This is What Our Clients Say About Us


I can not believe how quick and painless it was!  I am very self conscious and the girls make me feel comfortable standing in front them. --Nora H., Mendham, NJ

Quickglow has the best spraytan aritsts around! They are very courteous and they know how to make you feel good about yourself.  --Kate B., Morristown, NJ

This spray tan is one of the best I have ever had.  I love that the ingredients are all natural.  This is the best organic spraytan in Morristown!  My skin is normally very sensitive to other products but this place uses such a great “potion.”  My skin feels, smells and looks lovely every single time I get sprayed. -- Lola V., Pluckemin, NJ

I must say I look good.  The quickglow tan is the best sunless tan I have seen yet!  It is so perfect and natural looking.  No orangy streaks at all. --Christine W., Far Hills, NJ

I have two words...IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION.  These girls are true spray tan artists! --Melissa B., Montclair, NJ

What an amazing thing.  I was not sure what to expect going in.  It was so cool.  I felt very comfortable standing half naked in front of the spray-tan artist.  Usually I am really modest.  The result was amazing...almost magical.  I will do this again and again because my tan has never looked more natural!!  --Colleen C., West Caldwell, NJ

This is the best thing since sliced bread.  I have "Irish skin" and have NEVER had a real tan in my life!  Now I can wear shorts!  My legs are no longer pasty white.  This stuff is great.  It lasts a good solid week for me.  --Sarah D., Madison, NJ

Help--I'm addicted.  What a small price to pay for a healthy glow.  No more sun worshipping for me.--Dianne R., Summit, NJ

I have been so depressed since my doctor told me that I am at high risk for skin cancer.  He has forbidden me to lay in the sun and go in tanning beds.  I have been a sun worshipper for over 55 years of my life!  Then I found quickglow and my outlook is sunny again.  Thanks for sunning my buns the healthy way quickglow!   I love you girls.   --Barb G., Chester, NJ

It’s so unbelievable.  I was afraid I would look orangy after getting a spray-tan, but luckily I was totally wrong!  The color looks so natural and I am glowing from head to toe. 

--Michele R., San Diego, CA

I am a swimsuit model and have to be tan all year long for modeling shoots.  This stuff is flawless!  I also can't believe how quickly it is applied.  I actually look forward to having this done every week.  It's the only appointment I never want to cancel.

--Ricki B., Summit, NJ

A spraytan from quickglow will leave you with a smile from ear to ear.  I can’t believe how natural it looks.  I tell all my friends that this is the only place to go to for a quick glow.

--Tara S., Madison, NJ

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