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QuickGlow Spray-Tanning

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Instructions for a Flawless Glow

Prepare For Your Appointment


Our product works best on clean, non-moisturized skin so we ask that you do not put any deodorants, perfumes, and/or lotions on your skin before your spray-tan application. We suggest that you wear dark undergarments or a bathing suit during the application.


Our patented laser-guided applicator delivers an ultra-fine mist for even, flawless coverage.

From naturally sun-kissed to island bronzed, you’re in control of the intensity you wish to achieve depending on your skin type.

Your tan will continue to develop for the next 24 hours. Typically your tan will fade just as a normal sun tan would (about 5-7 days). 

Our Product is FDA Approved

It contains the safe and natural active ingredient, dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which has been used in sunless tanning products for well over 50 years.

Our solution/formula is also enriched with natural plant and mineral extracts such as aloe, caramel, and copper amino acids which help to build collagen—giving you a natural sunless glow.

Please Note:  This product does not contain sunscreen!

We urge you to please check with your physician before your appointment if you :

- have an upper respiratory condition such as asthma

- have any questionable skin conditions, allergies, or medical ailments

- are pregnant or nursing (we suggest wearing a mask which we provide)

Maintain Your Beautiful, Natural-Looking Tan


To care for your beautifully bronzed skin, follow these easy steps:

After your spray-tan application, change into dark, loose fitting clothing and wear sandals or flip flops.

The longer you wait to shower, bathe, swim, (or wash your hands), the darker your tan will become – so it’s best to wait between 4-12 hours.  After doing so, be sure to always use a non-oily moisturizer.

It is best to keep exercise to a minimum after the first several hours of your spray-tan application.  (Heavy perspiration could lead to discoloration and streaks).

No Question is a Bad Question

Q: Will this make me look orange and get streaky?

 A: No.  We use the finest quality solution to give you a precise and natural glow.  Because we expect only the best experience for you, our spray-techs are put through extensive training before going out on the floor.  

Q: Will I get darker after the application and how long will it last?

A:  Your tan continues to develop for the next 4-12 hours, with a very natural looking outcome (after your first shower).  Typically your tan will fade just like a normal suntan, lasting on your skin about 5-7 days.*

Q: What should I wear for my spray-tan?

 A:  A dark bathing suit or dark undergarments (this product can stain silks and nylons, so most people choose to wear an old pair).  Some women choose a topless spray and thong underwear for minimal tan lines.  At all times, men are required to wear undergarments for their application.

Q: Will it get on my clothing and will it stain?

 A:  The initial bronzer that gives you the "instant tan” could rub onto your clothing, but washes out of most fabrics (this is why we suggest dark, loose fitting clothing to wear home).

P.S. avoid trying on other clothing before your first shower.

Q: When can I shower, shave, work out and/or go swimming?

A:  The longer you wait to shower, bathe, swim, (or wash your hands), the darker your tan will become – so it’s best to wait between 4-12 hours.  After doing so, be sure to avoid soaking for long periods of time and keep your skin moisturized.

Q: Can I get a manicure or pedicure after my spray-tan?

 A:  Yes, but we suggest that you refrain from soaking in water or exfoliating your skin after a spray-tan application.  You may want to opt for a polish change only.....Make us your last stop....The spray-tan usually does not discolor polished nails, so feel free to get this procedure out of the way before your visit with us.

More Common Questions

Q: Can I get waxed after my spray-tan?

A: It is highly recommended that you schedule all waxing and hair removal procedures before a spray-tan. 

Q: Can I use sunscreen with a spray-tan?

A:  Yes you can!!  That is always suggested.  Our products do not contain sunscreen.  We suggest that you wait at least 2-4 hours before applying sunscreen (actual suntan lotion/cream) and that you stay away from sprays and oil based products (especially mineral and petroleum oils). 

Q: How soon can I exercise after a spray-tan?

 A:  Waiting at least 4 to 6 hours before rigorous exercise (or just skipping it that day altogether) is suggested.

Q: What can I do to maintain optimal results?

 A:  Using a moisturizer containing a small amount of sunless tanner will surely help to extend your beautiful glow.  Avoid exfoliating until a day before your next quickglow session.  Try to avoid washing your hands for the first 4 hours after your session (unless they appear to be processing on the darker side.) 

Q: How do sunless tanning products work?

A:  We read this informative article on and thought you might find it of interest.  Here's the link:

* Results do vary based on each individuals’ skin type, environmental conditions, medications taken, hormonal levels, and bodily maintenance.